Custom Home Builders Satisfy the Demand for Eco-Friendly Amenities

March 3, 2015

P.D. Hartz Builders custom homes make impressive advances to fulfill the needs and expectations of their clients. Bouncing back from a lethargic residential climate, custom home builders are experiencing an accelerated closing rate on clients investing in high-quality custom homes in Lemont, IL by providing their clients added incentives.

Many of the national custom home building firms are also providing “additional” amenities, but are finding some hesitancy from clients that demand the latest, and trendy ‘green’ amenities as well as a lower overall closing price. It’s a classic “tug-of-war” between client and builder.

Environmentally Friendly Luxury Home Builder

Clients purchasing Lemont IL high-quality custom homes are riding the wave of contemporary trends in having their custom residence be eco-compliant in conjunction with their lifestyle. Clients want contemporary energy-efficient appliances to satisfy their need to be environmentally friendly.

P.D. Hartz custom home builders, in attempt to help clients adopt a particular lifestyle, can design homes with energy efficient windows and climate control systems. As a luxury home builder in Lemont, IL, P.D. Hartz Builders said clients also request larger guestrooms and bathrooms.

As local, IL custom home builders, we are eager to satisfy our clients. Customizing home construction in accordance with eco-friendly design can raise the price of a home by five percent, but clients are willing to pay to save money in the long run to save on energy bills.

High Quality Custom Homes in Lemont, IL

Let P.D. Hartz Builders build your high quality eco-friendly home in Lemont, IL. We can take what you dream of having and bring it to reality. Contact Phil Hartz at (708) 949-8244 or email to find out more information.