Choosing Customization Options for Your New Home

March 17, 2017

For homeowners, one of the most rewarding things about building a custom home from the ground up is knowing that every aspect of the home is exactly what they wanted, right down to the smallest details. Custom home construction provides customers with the unique opportunity to get everything on their wish list to meet their needs for both the present and future. It’s a luxury that’s rarely available in existing homes without extensive renovations.

There are two primary times during the home construction process where buyers will customize. The first is during the initial design process in which the home and architectural styles are selected along with the number of rooms, room sizes, garage spaces, etc. This enables the homebuilder to create blueprints for the home so that it can be framed out. The second phase of customization is much more extensive and involves picking out all the interior and exterior features to turn the home “skeleton” into a finished product. Choosing customization options can be exciting, overwhelming, or a combination of both for homebuyers. Here are some things to keep in mind about the customization process:

You Have Lots of Options

If you are building a fully custom home (as opposed to a semi-custom production home) you’ll be making numerous selections, and you’ll have no shortage of options. Exterior customization includes roof color, brick and/or siding, overhead garage door, windows, soffit, fascia, and gutters to name just a few. Interior customization covers flooring, lighting, countertops, backsplash, cabinets, trim, molding, railings, balusters, doors, and much more. You won’t be limited to two or three options, either. Most custom homebuilders will offer a wide variety of options, and the best ones will utilize their network of product suppliers to track down exactly what the homeowner wants or a very similar option.

Starting Compiling Ideas Early

You don’t have to wait until you have a customization meeting with a homebuilder or design expert to start thinking about what you want in your home. In fact, it will speed up the process and make it easier if you have a good idea ahead of time. Customization options can be researched online or in person. If it’s online, get a printout or save the URL. If it’s in person, take a photo and jot down the product information if it’s in a store or the address if you see an exterior feature you like on a local home. Keep a notebook or binder of colors and styles you like, and you can share it with your homebuilder or design expert when you meet with them. They should be able to find an exact match or something very close.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

With customization, costs can add up in a hurry, especially if you want the highest-end materials available. Don’t lose sight of your budget as you are making decisions, especially if the budget is firm. You don’t want to be caught off guard by the final cost. In some cases, you may be able to find a more affordable alternative without sacrificing much in terms of appearance or quality.

You’ll Have Help

Many times, custom home buyers are mature buyers who have a good understanding of the materials and know what they want. If that’s the case, they’ll likely be able to make most of the decisions with limited assistance. However, there may be some buyers who value a second opinion or want to get the advice of an expert. If that describes you, then don’t worry. You’ll have access to multiple people who can help you. The first is your homebuilder, who manages the entire process. It’s their job to ensure their customers are happy, so you can be sure they’ll help you choose customization options or set up a meeting with another expert who can answer more specific questions. Choosing customization options may involve meeting with various experts in design, lighting, cabinets, etc. They’re people you can trust to give your home the look and functionality you want.

Take Your Time

Customizing a home is a big, important process, and you don’t want to rush it and end up with a home you’re not happy with. You won’t be expected to select all your options at once, and you’ll have time to think about them. Don’t make decisions just to get them off your plate. Choose your options only after you’ve researched or put some good thought into them. And don’t stress about your selections once you’ve made them. If you change your mind within a reasonable timeframe (a day or two), your homebuilder should be able to get things squared away with minimal problems or delays.

Communication is Key

Like most other aspects of the custom homebuilding process, communication is important when choosing customization options. It helps you and your homebuilder avoid roadblocks and surprises. There needs to be good communication between you, the homebuilder, and any design experts to ensure everyone is on the same page, the build stays on schedule, and expectations are met.

Build Your Chicagoland Custom Home with P.D.H. Builders

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