5 Tips to Design the Perfect, New Home with Your Custom Home Builder in the Chicago Suburbs

April 1, 2015

We all love to see new construction homes. It’s not at all uncommon to drive around to see the architecture in a given area. The chances are good that those gorgeous new homes you’re viewing in Chicago were built–at least in part– by P.D. Hartz Builders.

As part of the industry for more than thirty years, Chicagoland home builders, P.D. Hartz Builders is renowned for the creation of homes families love.

Tips to Plan the Design for Your New Home

The following tips from P.D. Hartz Builders Chicagoland’s premier home builders, will help to. lower the stress that is sometimes involved in planning and building a new home

  1. Make a firm budget prior to beginning your home design. Keep it realistic. Then divide the total logically between the rooms, leaving a higher percentage for areas such as the kitchen that will require more funding.
  2. Request a virtual floor plan from the builder well before building begins. You’ll want to know the layout for the windows, doorways, hallways, central heating and air vents in order to make changes if you need to before construction starts.
  3. Have in mind what tradeoffs you’re willing to make, if any, as well as features you want included in your new, dream home.
  4. Take some time and find samples so that you can see what the paint, countertops and flooring will look like. Don’t make decisions in haste, take your time and get what you want.
  5. Avoid making hasty decisions about paint color, countertops, cabinets, and flooring. You have to live with your choices for a very long time.

Experience and Quality from Chicagoland’s New Home Builders

Quality craftsmanship is never left to chance. You can expect the best when you work with P.D. Hartz Builders–Chicagoland’s favorite builder for over thirty years. Contact Phil Hartz at (708) 949-8244 or email pdhartz@gmail.com to find out more information.